"Exclusive Plastic Surgery Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising"

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for plastic surgeons

"The Thunderbolt Group has been managing my advertising for over a year now. Using them was one of the best decisions I have made. Bill and John are easy to work with and they get the job done. I have seen my revenue increase steadily. The investment pays for itself--you can't afford to not use their services.

Dennis Dass, MD – Beverly Hills, CA

Dear Portland Plastic Surgeon.

You are probably bombarded with offers for someone or some company to “do your PPC” advertising.

Doing A Simple PPC Campaign Really Is Just That: Simple

Everyone seems to offer internet marketing these days: your local YellowPages Rep, GoDaddy®, Intuit®…even American Express®! I love American Express®, but I DON’T want them to do my Internet marketing! The truth is, doing a simple PPC campaign really is just that, simple. That is why so many companies can offer a cookie-cutter approach to managing a PPC budget to small local businesses.

STOP Wasting Your Money!

wasted money

The problem is, they can’t do it well. They are wasting your money. There are millions of small businesses out there and they can’t afford to spend the time on each individual industry or business category to really make a local pay-per-click media campaign work. But, we can, and we do.

I have been in the internet business for 20 years now (pushing 21!) I’ve done the corporate thing and I’ve done the Entrepreneur thing. Now, I run a small business that is focused on providing very specific services to very specific types of businesses and really nailing it for them. After a year of running plastic surgery campaigns in the most competitive of markets, we have found the keyword and key-phrase combinations and the bid prices that make the most sense for the practices that we represent. All PPC management strategies are not created equal. There are pockets of value in specific parts of your field that we have discovered, and there are specific tactics for running search engine marketing campaigns that most companies can’t afford to employ because they take time, focus, industry knowledge and heavy analysis. We have done the work and we can make it pay off for you, and we continue to optimize every day.

You have probably run or are running PPC ads for your practice. What is your average PPC for quality clicks? The national average for plastic surgery overall is $5.78. Our current average is $2.33. And, no, we don’t pad our clicks with tier 2 networks. We only spend our clients’ money on Google®, Bing® and Yahoo®. Our campaigns are fully transparent. You will see spend, clicks, calls and emails. You will see which search engines your money was spent on. Reporting is comprehensive and clear.

We have recently decided to expand our services to accept only one plastic surgery practice per market area.

One company per market Area

I also believe that we should not offer our unique skill sets to competitive companies. American Express® and Visa® would never use the same ad agency to place their media and neither should you. We don’t want to be everything to everyone. We want one good plastic surgeon per market to help grow their business, that’s it. If you call me and I’m already representing one of your competitors, I won’t take you on as a client. If you call and the market is available, then we will be excited to work with you and yes, work with you exclusively in your market. Look, we are nice guys over here, but we think getting rewarded for participating is for youth sports, not for professional businesses, so we take an aggressive approach to what we do and we believe that loyalty counts for something.

Here are the core offerings of our Pay Per Click campaigns.

  • We set up multiple PPC campaigns that are highly focused on the most profitable areas of a plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery or elective surgery practice.

  • We buy media on the major search engines including Google®, Bing® and Yahoo®, as well as advertising on other sites that are relevant to the target market.

  • We run both text and display campaigns on which only pay when a consumer interacts with the advertising. (This might include a click on an ad or a phone call to the practice) All the other advertising is free.

  • We provide detailed monthly reports that show exactly how effective the advertising is. I can provide you an example of this when we talk.

  • We also provide access to online tools that will securely allow a Dr. to monitor the calls that are coming in to the practice for customer and quality assurance purposes.

  • We will only accept one practice per market to ensure that our unique marketing techniques only benefit one local client. AT&T® wouldn’t place their advertising with the same agency as Verizon®, our philosophy is the same.

  • You will be working directly with seasoned internet veterans. See our Bios here: http://www.thunderboltgroup.com/bios.html

  • While we don’t want to give away our secrets on this page, we use very advanced search engine marketing techniques that we can tell you about when you call.

  • We have created one of the best performing search engine campaigns for a plastic surgeon in the MOST competitive market in the US, Beverly Hills, CA. Our experience in this competitive market will help YOUR practice in your market.

limited time offer

I hope you will give me a call.

Best Regards,

Bill Sedgwick
Thunderbolt Group, LLC