What are we?
Thunderbolt Group is a boutique Interactive agency, run by industry veterans with deep ties into the interactive community. Our experience spans web and mobile site development, interdisciplinary marketing strategies, content curation and distribution platform planning, creation and deployment, start-up assistance and planning, analytics (analysis and reporting of digital data) and many more.

Who are we?
We are a team of experts, led by industry veterans that are selected to fit the projects required by our clients. Our team is an ever growing network of people that consists of some of the top talent in many interactive disciplines, spanning design, development, distribution (and traffic acquisition) marketing and sales. All of this is backed up by data analysis and reporting. We put service layers in place that can scale with each new engagement that are focused on client success metrics and return on investment.

What do we do?
First, we learn. What are the goals? What are the Success Metrics? How are things being done now? What is the vision for the future?

Second, we analyze. We look at the big picture. We look at the granular data. We look at the past. We seek to understand the problems.

Third, we create solutions. Based on our learnings, we propose fixes, solutions, plans and products.

Fourth, we implement. We put our plans into action. We get into the nitty gritty of service delivery with an emphasis on creating solutions that scale. We use creativity and technology in equal parts to provide solutions that fix problems, create opportunity and generate revenue.

Fifth, we report. We gather all the data we possibly can gather and provide that data back to our clients transparently and with a superior level of analysis.

Finally, we sharpen the blade. Marketing is an iterative process. We learn from what we do and improve upon it. Our cycle begins again with the learning process based on the new data that we have. Our job is to move the needle as far as we can toward the peak of the graph that represents the most efficient spend of our clients marketing dollars.